How Much Does A Mezzanine Floor Cost And what are the hidden Costs?

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What Everybody Needs To Know About Mezzanine Floors

Council Approval

In most cases your mezzanine floor is considered a temporary structure when used for storage purposes only and will not require council approval. However if you are looking to install a mezzanine floor to use as office space, this may require council approval as the purpose of the mezzanine has changed and will add to the overall cost of your mezzanine.


All Mezzanine floor installations should be signed off by a qualified engineer with a detailed report outlining the load ratings. Different uses will determine the overall design and any additional requirements. You will also need this engineering report should your mezzanine floor require council approval. Make sure you discuss this with your mezzanine builder to avoid any costly issues later.


The access requirements for your mezzanine will vary depending on usage. A retail mezzanine will generally require stairs and railing whereas a storage floor may require a lift or pallet gates. All these factors are considered by Allcover when designing your mezzanine floor and will be included in the cost.


It's likely that you already know the size you require, but it is important to be flexible on this in order to produce an efficient, economical design tailored to your space. This will save you time and money as the need for bespoke beams and supports can be avoided.

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