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Introductory Guide to Mezzanine Floor Types

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Mezzanines Floor Layout

Mezzanine floors are an intermediate solution providing additional floor space between the main floors of a building. In warehouses and other industrial businesses, mezzanine floor systems are semi-permanent structures that can be easily dismantled and relocated. For a comprehensive understanding of mezzanine floors and applications for your business, this introductory guide will cover types, installation, and practical uses.

Types of Mezzanine Floors

There are three common types of mezzanine floors each with their own advantages and best-use scenarios:

1. Concrete Mezzanine Floors

Concrete mezzanine floors is a permanent solution and provides the strongest materials capable of withstanding the heaviest loads. Warehouses that rely on forklifts or in a wet environment should use concrete mezzanine floors. They are fire resistant, satisfies building code regulation, and easy to maintain.

Although concrete mezzanine floors have great features, they are also very expensive, difficult to install, and will cause downtime to your business. For a cost effective mezzanine floor, see #3.

2. Bar Grated Mezzanine Floors

This type of mezzanine floor offers a quick installation solution that is both strong and durable. The grated flooring allows air and light to pass through which may cause difficulties with heavy inventory loads. For fire safety concerns, the bar grated flooring is the prime choice for a warehouse. However, these also have high costs due to the specialisation of materials that are required to be manufactured.

3. Floor Plated Mezzanine Floors

Considered to be equally strong as concrete, floor plated mezzanine floors offer a temporary solution for many warehouses. The method for constructing them allow for easy dismantling and reassembly in a new location while capable of withstanding forklift and other heavy-machinery traffic. The added benefit of the flooring’s texture makes it slip-resistant and perfect for wet environments.

At Allcover, we specialise in a range of Mezzanine Floor Options and can provide you with a free quote today.

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