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Mezzanine Floor Accessories

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Whether you are planning to install a mezzanine floor or require upgrades to improve the safety of your workspace, here are a few accessories you can choose:

1. Hand Railing

Hand railings are an essential part of the mezzanine floor system. AllCover offers a range of handrail features to personalize your mezzanine floor. Talk to our team of experts to select the right hand railings for your space.

2. Mezzanine Floor Stairs

Depending on the dimensions and traffic in your facility, you can install multiple mezzanine floor stairs to make your upper levels easily accessible. The stair cases provided by AllCover are pre-manufactured to the exact measurements of your mezzanine and include modular handrails.

The installation is quick and simple and only requires bolting together stringers and treads. Additionally, including an additional staircase in a mezzanine floor installation plan is cost effective.

Mezzanine Floor Staircase Solutions
Mezzanine Floor Staircase Solutions

3. Mezzanine Pallet Floor Gates

If your mezzanine floor requires access for pallets to lift up and drop off loads, a mezzanine pallet floor gate should be installed.

These custom designed safety gates offer both protection and durability. The gates themselves are lightweight, easy to open and requires virtually no maintenance. If you require a specific pallet size or additional customization, contact us to discuss your unique needs.

4. Office Spaces

What can you do with additional space on your mezzanine floor? Create an office space!

Converting an empty spot or reallocating a section of your mezzanine floor can be used for a fully functioning office. Whatever your requirements, AllCover can design, manufacture, and construct an office space tailored to your needs.

Mezzanine office spaces are quite convenient for manufacturing or warehouse managers, meeting / conference rooms, reception centres, and more.

Special Building Materials
Office Space

5. Pallet Racking

Pallet racking is a smart addition which allows you to store pallets on top of or under your mezzanine. If you’re looking to free up some extra space, pallet racking can optimize your facility.

AllCover Provides Complete Customization

The decision to install a mezzanine floor requires total customization to ensure a proper fit and a perfect installation. With AllCover, you can obtain an easy-to-install floor kit based on the specific requirements of your facility. Your custom design will be rendered using AllCover’s proprietary, 3d model software so you can visualize your installation before it proceeds to manufacturing.

Are you ready to design your mezzanine floor?

All you have to do is fill out the kit form, check off any accessories or special requests in your kit, and AllCover’s manufacturers prepares everything you need.

Upon receiving your pre-designed and engineered floor kit, you can choose to assemble it yourself or employ AllCover’s team of professionals to do it for you.

To learn more about AllCover’s mezzanine floor kit as well as other parts and accessories, click here.

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